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International Conference Oil and Gas Fields Development, Integranted Approach  (Visit Count : 1677)
International Conference Oil and Gas Fields Development, Integranted Approach
RPI company have the honor of inviting you and your colleagues to the International Conference “Oil & Gas Fields’ Development: Integrated Approach 2018” (April 19, Expocentre Exhibition Center, Moscow).

Conference organizer: RPI.

Key topics in 2018 include:
- Increased capital investment efficiency and lower operating costs of field development and production as a result of implementing integrated approach
- Different approaches to cost-engineering: oil majors' best practices
- Modeling the cycle of field infrastructure development
- Control systems for “smart” fields
- Well design using integrated approach to field development
- Innovative drilling, well completion and well development technologies
- Russian and foreign companies' track record in implementation of enhanced oil recovery methods
- Problems in implementing integrated approach at existing oil & gas fields
- Economic effect achieved by integrated designing at Russian and foreign fields
And many others.

The conference greets: representatives of research, technical and design institutes; representatives of geological exploration and drilling divisions of vertically integrated oil and gas companies; representatives of oilfield services companies; integrated model developers and system integrators; representatives of strategic planning departments of vertically integrated oil and gas companies and other industry players.

The conference is held as a part of the National Oil and Gas Forum - the first national-level business event in the modern history of Russia, organized by the Russian Energy Ministry in cooperation with leading entrepreneurial and industrial groups: the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (TPP RF), the Union of Oil & Gas Producers of Russia and the Russian Gas Society.

The event is held within the NEFTEGAZ International Exhibition – major show in Russia’s fuel & energy sector. The NEFTEGAZ 2018 International Exhibition is a project with a 40-year history held since 1978, known as one of the 10 largest oil and gas industry events in the world. Each year, more than 500 exhibitors from 26 countries and over 19,000 visitors participate in the event. The Exhibition is held annually, and is supported by Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry, Energy Ministry, under the patronage of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce.

For more information, please, see: www.rpi-conferences.com//en/integrated-projects

To register as a delegate or speaker of the Conference or obtain more information, please, contact: Elena Konstantinova: +7 (495) 5025433 / 7789332. E-mail: Konstantinova.Elena@rpi-inc.ru

Date: 2/27/2018
Source : RPI company

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