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bullet Answer : In order to get advertisement rates click here
bullet Answer : In order to get information about post paper, click here
bullet Answer : This journal  is distributed among companies which are active in fields of oil, gas, refining, petrochemical and related industries
bullet Answer : The oil, gas and energy magazine some times printed for oil and gas exhibition in out of IRAN to be distributed in those exhibitions. for this reason, this journal is international
Click here to view number of exhibitions outside of IRAN that have been present or sponsored by oil, gas and energy magazine
bullet Answer : To receive oil, gas and energy magazine, send mailing and postal code by email or telephone
Email: info@ogemagazine.com
Phone No.: (+9821)77656418, (+9821)77656419, (+98)9198953488
bullet Answer : Since the oil, gas and energy magazine is a specialized magazine, so not available in newsstand kiosks. for get information about subscription click here

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